Christmas Concerts Online

Elder Grove has been a school district since 1885 and every year we have had the students perform a holiday concert of some sort. From what we have heard, even times of war did not stop the show from going on. This year, despite Covid pandemic restrictions preventing us from having an in-person concert, Mr. Pluhar wanted to carry on that tradition. We felt the best way to honor this was to film each class and place their concert online for everyone to see.

We hope you enjoy sharing these with your family and friends wherever they are and that it brings a little cheer to the holiday season! We are incredibly proud of all of our Outlaws and their musical talents.



Mrs. Olson's Class




Ms. Christensen's Class




Mrs. Vandersloot's Class




1st Grade

Mrs. James' Class





Mrs. Robertus' Class





Mrs. Schumacher's Class




Mr. Leintz' Class




2nd Grade

Mrs. Luther Class




Mrs. Koterba Class





Mrs. Kisling's Class




Mrs. McMorris' Class




3rd Grade

Mrs. Staffileno's Class




Mrs. Green's Class




Mrs. Jurovich's Class



4th Grade 

Mrs. Dailey's Class




Mrs. Flanagan's Class




Mrs. Jore's Class




5th Grade

Mrs. Baier's Class




Mrs. Parsons' Class



Thanks to Mr. Pluhar for honoring this tradition! The show must go on!

We hope you have a very Happy Holiday and New Year! Enjoy your 3 week winter break!

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