Relations Team

Last Updated: 9/5/2019 11:12 PM

Mission Statement

To foster excellent communication between Elder Grove staff, parents, students and community members. 

Goals for 2019-2020

  • Continue to celebrate student victories with the ice-cream party. Clarify parameters for qualifying for the celebrations (i.e. grades vs. student of the month)
  • Christmas party and end of year party. Possibly more parties to foster staff bonding.
  • Welcome baskets for new staff, paras, & familes (i.e. middle of the year)
  • Sub training folders
  • Help community relations to support bond & mill levy.
  • Prioritize goals in order to make sure they are accomplished.

Meeting Time

Various Times - Please contact Mrs. Gunderson for more information

Meeting Location

Mrs. Tounsley's Room in Building #5

Current Projects



Ann Gunderson - Team Leader

Cipi Tounsley - Team Leader

Pam Jurovich
Karen Laborda
Darcy Miller
Marshall Pluhar

Lexie Rice