School Wide Management Team

Last Updated: 9/5/2019 11:13 PM

Mission Statement

Provide resources and guidance to faculty, staff, and students across the broad spectrum of safety areas, focusing on school-wide emergency preparedness planning and help in developing and ensuring a safe school environment.


  • Address current safety needs
  • Schedule drills and codes
  • Parents 'Dos & Do Nots' Info Card
  • FAQ sheet on emergencies
  • Sub emergency folder
  • New teacher and para training at start of year
  • Work with admin to get duties during evacuations
  • Possible open shooter simulation for teachers

Meeting Time

Various Times - Contact Danielle Crawford

Meeting Location


Current Projects

  • Passing out bandaids & first aid kits
  • Putting new backpacks together and dispursing them
  • New key cards
  • Codes scheduled for the year


Danielle Crawford - Team Leader


Alissa Christensen
Kelsey Hunter
Chris Patton
Carol Phillips
Kristen Staffileno
Beverly Wacaser